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Tuesday, December 2, 90’s lipsticks Esika Natural dune and Marron Bambu labial de larga duracion. Today I want to show you these new 90’s lipstick shades. They are perfect for your 90’s fix. The 90’s has been coming back and it looks like it’s here to stay I hope so! It’s all over the malls, internet, and in our hearts too.

Catalogo Expofertas C-17 Cyzone Esika LBEL Belcorp 2014 Brochure Virtual Online

I know that for me the 90’s were the best times of my life. My mom was obsessed with it, and even though I preferred black and purple lipstick, I had some brown ones in my makeup stash too. So let me just say that I am in love with the 90’s comeback and to celebrate I got these two babies. These are from the Catapogo Duracion collection.

They are very moisturizing cata,ogo pigmented. The only down side is that you have to reapply a lot and they tend to bleed a bit so you must use a lip liner. They have no shimmer, which I love. This color is a dark chocolate brown, very elegant and perfect for a grunge look.

It’s very moisturizing and matte. It has no shimmer and it looks like melted chocolate esi,a your lips. For better application apply with a lip brush and use liner.

You will love it if you like browns. This color is very natural. It has no shimmer and it suits any kind of makeup whether you want to be natural or edgy.

And last I leave you with a picture of me rocking Marron Bambu. It does have a filter though so it may look different, but it’s stunning. Oh and I got some new ink and thought i’d show it off. My baby bunnies from childhood, in the 90;s: I am soooo in LOVE with these lipsticks!! They are completely matte and they last forever ok maybe not forever, but close for a lipstick!

I have done several reviews about these cstalogo because I cannot get enough of them but today I bring you a review on the new shades.

These shades came out for the first time in Esika’s last catalogue As soon as I saw them I knew they had to be mine. Coral sexy was edika first one to sell out, but I managed to score one somehow. Like I said, these 3 shades are matte and don’t have any glitter or sparkles. From top to bottom: Rojo cautivante, Coral sexy, and Rosa intense.


It’s very similar to Mac’s Relentlessly Red but a tad redder. It is also similar to Cyzone’s X-tra apple but pinkier.

It’s a gorgeous, gorgeous color and super pigmented. It’s a beautiful coral color and very popular in Colombia right now. It’s very pigmented and it’s similar to Cyzone’s X-tra melon but more orange. I really like this shade, although I don’t think it’s super unique like Rojo cautivante. It’s a matte pastel pink that reminds me of Mac’s pink nouveau but a bit darker.

Logo with a kangaroo

It’s a perfect shade for summer. This color with tanned skin would look amazingly sexy. On white girls like me, it just looks adorable: Alright ladies, thanks for reading my blog. I know the last 2 entries were in Spanish; I’m trying to get in touch with my roots, ya know? I’ll randomly switch back and forth to keep things interesting. If it gets annoying, you can always just hit translate. Monday, November 10, Cyzone X-tra time x-tra Candy, x-tra nude, y x-tra gold nuevos colores de Cyzone.

Hola chicas, les cataloto que hoy me llegaron los nuevos y muy esperados labiales de Cyzone. Aqui tiene la pagina del catalogo me toco sacarla del web entonces se ve un poco rara: Tuve que hacerle unos arreglospero tienen la idea. No me los he hechado en los labios aun, pero hize swatches y estan hermosos.

Son muy parecidos a los catalgoo que ven en catalogo milagrosamente. Aqui tienen los mios de Izquierda a derecha: X-tra nude, X-tra Candy, y X-tra gold. Hola chicas, Ha pasado mucho tiempo desde que vengo a escribir algo: La verdad es que he estado muy ocupada.

Lick my Lipstick :

De todos modos, espero que asi pueda tener mas seguidoras de Latino America ya que Belcorp se enfoca mas en nosotras. Tengo un monton de labiales nuevos para mostrarles pero he estado muy perezosa con mi blog. Tratare de mejorar jejee. Bueno, estos labiales son unos de mis favoritos en el mundo entero. Me recuerdan mucho a mis otros favoritos que son Mac.

Es mas, quiero tener toda la coleccion, pero hay unos que no me gustan mucho por que tienen brillo, pero les he dado la oportunidad. Los 3 de hoy tienen brillos, pero los colores son hermosos! Son diferentes tonos de cafe.


Mi favorito es el Chocolate Satin, aunque tiene muchos brillitos. Creo que si no tuviera brillos seria uno de mis labiales favoritos. Es como un cafe bien cafe.

Oporto es el mas oscuro de los 3 y tambien tiene brillos color plata. Es mas vino que cafe. El ultimo es caoba que es cataoogo un cafe rojiso. Este se lo regale a mi mama por que no me gusto mucho.

Me recuerda un poco a Pimienta Caliente. Estos labiales duran horas y horas. Cuando comes tienes que aplicarte de nuevo pero muy poco. Este lo quize meter aqui de ultimo por que prometi mostrarles el color hace unos dias De todos catalgoo, es muy hermoso y catalpgo muy natural.

A mi me queda tirando a naranja pero a otras pieles se les ve mas nude, depende si eres bronceada o tienes la piel mas oscura. Yo soy una leche 204. Este labial me gusto mucho y la verdad es un poco parecido a Color Match Durazno Glam de Esika, pero este es mas nude.

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Estos labiales me gustan mucho y son muy durareros. Los dejo con la foto!

Aqui se ve mas oscurito por el filtro de foto, pero a mi me queda cagalogo naranja. Bueno chicas, gracias por leer! I just want to thank everyone for stopping by my blog: I truly appreciate it and I hope it helps you in some way. Today I want to bring you the review on the Esika Perfect Match lipsticks. I’ve had them put away datalogo a while and decided it was time to bring them out. These lipsticks are truly incredible. They last a very long time and like Catalogk said in the past, the lip liner is very hard to remove!

They are double sided and one side is a liquid lip liner and the other is a matte lipstick. Here you can see the liners and lipstick: To be honest I don’t have any lipsticks like this one.

It’s a very unique color. It’s a dark peachy orangey color. Mac’s Peach stock is a tiny bit similar, but this one is more orange. The picture doesn’t do justice on how beautiful this color eslka. In my opinion, this color is one of a kind. The only color that I think truly comes close is Cyzone’s xtra peach, which I bought and I am expecting tomorrow. Here are the lip swatches.