4 days ago Get Updated BSNL TTA Syllabus in PDF Form! Candidates can download BSNL TTA Exam Pattern, Eligibility, Study Material Here. BSNL TTA Exam Syllabus Bharat Sanchar Nigam Ltd (BSNL), one of For More Updates on BSNL TTA Recruitment Follow us on. Welcome to our BSNL TTA Exam Date section. We will be giving you the information about BSNL TTA Exam Date. BSNL TTA Recruitment Exam: BSNL.

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Yes, just use the same address: This marks question paper has to be answered in 3 hours.

Each question weighs 1 mark. So be wary of making guess answers! General ability test Marks 2 hours duration.

BSNL TTA Exam Date – Syllabus,Exam Papers,Qualification,Study Materials |

Basic Engineering Marks 3 hours duration. Specialization Marks 3 hours duration. The exam is decentralized individually and is held by twenty-four BSNL telecom syllabux. This shall also include questions on current events, general knowledge and such matters of everyday observation and experience as may be expected of Diploma holder. Eletronics Devices and Circuits: Classification of materials into conductor ,semi conductor, insulator etc.


Conventional representation of electric and electronic circuit elements. Block diagram of I.

Applications and advantages of digital systems; number system binary and hexadecimal ; Logic Gates; Logic Simplification; Codes and Parity; Arithmetic Circuits; Decoders. Two point network, Attenuator; Filters; Transmission Lines and their applications; characteristic impedance of line; concept of reflection and standing waves on transmission line; Transmission line equation; Principle of impedance matching; Bandwidth consideration of transmission line.

Specification of instruments-accuracy, precision, sensitivity, resolution range. Types of AC milli voltmeters-Amplifier rectifier amplifier: Principles of working and specification of logic probes, signal analyzer and logic analyzer, signal generator, distortion factor meter, spectrum analyzer. Basic elements of control systemopen and closed loop system, concepts of feedback.

BSNL TTA Recruitment 2013 Notification, Exam Syllabus, Pay Scale 2013

Block diagram of control system, Time lag, hysterisis linearity concepts; Self regulating and non self regulating control systems. Transfer function of simple control components, single feedback configuration.

Time response of systems. Stability Analysis; Characteristics equation. Computers and its working, types of computers, familiarization with DOS and window concept of file, directory, folder, Number Recriutment Data Communication.


BSNL TTA exam Syllabus & Exam Pattern 2013

Microprocessor-microprocessor architecture, instruction set and simple assembly level programming. Microprocessor based system gta Personal computers and their typical uses, data communication principles, types and working principles of modems, Network principles, OSI model, functions of data link layer and network layer, networking components; communication protocol-x.

Database Management System-basic concepts, entity relationship model, relational model, DBMS based on relational model. Just find it in my next blog post titled: Following blog post has been updated with a recent article titled: The purpose of this bl This article is part of a series of continuing blog post on Indian railway recruitmentaimed to provide you the info on how to get Access us on Mobile!