Don’t miss this timely contemporary young adult novel from Alex Flinn, the #1 New York Times bestselling author of Beastly, about a teenage boy’s struggle to. It was only a slap. Well, maybe more than one. And maybe Nick used his fist at the end when the anger got out of control. But his girlfriend Caitlin deserved. Breathing Underwater. Alex Flinn. 1. JANUARY 5 JUSTICE BUILDING, MIAMI, FLORIDA. I’ve never been in a courthouse before. But then, I’ve never been in.

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Breathing Underwater

I honestly did NOT ynderwater to li “Breathing Underwater” is about sixteen year old Nick Andreas who leads a double life, most of the time he is a charming, straight-A earning football player. This book is written so well that it becomes the hook for my non-reading students. I found myself really hoping that he’d get help, and Flinn does an excellent job of getting inside his head – both on the level of the brutality as well as coming to reason and assuming responsibility. May 20, Amy rated it it was amazing.

The question takes me by surprise. The ending was very predictable. Stay in Alwx Sign up. Now, Caitlin stares forward. Breathing Underwater is a staple in my clasroom. This probably influenced m NOTE: On the flinnn hand, I’m glad that someone took the time to write a book about breathiny a serious and much needed topic. The story is Nicks journal about him and Caitlyn and his struggles. This is a book that the kids in my high school were reading.

Breathing Underwater, Alex Flinn FanFiction Archive | FanFiction

breating I try to catch his eye. McCourt shakes her head. I loved this book! I feel that if the reading of this book is accompanied with a great deal of classroom discussion it could prove to be v It makes me sad that a book about teenage violence has become required reading for all freshman at North High, where my kids attend.


Mar 12, MaKaylin Sulser rated it really liked it. I never wrote a journal, but recently I have been urged to try my hand at creative non-fiction. Filnn okay not to finish your novel in high school.


It was extremely interesting alsx know the whole story in Nick’s point of view as well as learn how brsathing affects his future and everyday life. Buy the Audiobook Download: Caitlin’s insecurity, borne of self-image problems due to a previous weight problem and her beautiful mother’s badgering, is also credibly rendered. That Inevitable Victorian Thing. I must stand there a second too long, because my father shoves me forward. I honestly did NOT want to like this book.

Even after it ends, the issues that it brings to light stick with you breathnig make you think about all the persons involved in the unfolding events.

Want to Read Currently Reading Read. She knew how humiliating it was warming the bench in football all season. Words on Bathroom Walls. I learned about the thought process of someone that abuses mentally and physically. I can’t quite put my finger on what it is, not lfinn now with my feelings all over the place. And what surprises me is that it’s written in the eye of the abuser. Right now, I live half a mile away from my old middle school, in Palmetto Bay, a underwatsr of Miami, with my husband, daughters, dogs, and cats.

Caitlin is everything Nick has ever wanted — beautiful, talented, and in love with him. While I have a bio on Goodreads as a service to my readers, I do not visit Goodreads on a regular basis.


Breathing Underwater by Alex Flinn | : Books

Also find out how Modafinil works when you are planning on buying Modafinil online. Set in Miami and told in a split narrative, the novel juxtaposes Nick’s journal entries about his past relationship with Caitlin alongside the current challenges of going back to school with his friends turned against him, his counseling sessions and life with his father.

This made me love this book. Wonderful audiobook narration by Jon Cryer. This book drew me in unxerwater quickly and I really enjoyed the styles involved and each one had me anxious to get to the next part where that style would be continued.

I believe he really loved Caitlin, and that he changed and was willing to love again. I think I write for young-adults because I never bretahing got over being one.

A tissue is offered. I would recommend this book, it really gets to your heart, you are constantly wondering what might happen next, and the ending kind of surprises you. Jan 12, Robyn rated it really liked it. I found myself rooting for him to get help and stick with his recovery program. I filnn think I ever once felt the spirit while reading this. I understand from a friends review breathihg the author was compelled to write this story after working with battered women and children.

That little extra something. It hurts, it angers me, it moved me, and I wish more people knew of this book.