Hegde Professor of Cardiology, London University BLINDED SCIENCE MATTHEW SILVERSTONE life BLINDED BY SCIENCE You have come as a breath of. Blinded by Science by Matthew Silverstone, , available at Book Depository with free delivery worldwide. About the author. Matthew Silverstone is a serial entrepreneur. He has a degree in economics and a masters degree in international business. He was as one of.

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Search the history of over billion web pages on the Internet. Silverstoone text of ” Blinded By Science ” See other formats Has science really explained the world we live in? This book takes you through a journey of discovery. It offers up a very simple alternative explanation to our understanding of science. By the end of the book your eyes will be truly opened.

Blinded by Science : Matthew Silverstone :

Many of the concepts you discuss I’ve been interested in for years. For the lay audience, this book will be a wakeup call about vibrations and electromagnetic energies and I hope that students who read it will want to pursue research in the many areas that need more study.

You wrote an excellent book and I hope it reaches a large and diverse audience. Magda Havas Talk of vibrations and energy is not acceptable in medicine. At least that’s what I learned in medical school. Scientific inquiry is mainly funded by pharmaceutical companies studying drugs. So, they aren’t about to study vibrations and energy. Even though medicine has to admit that placebos work better than drugs, they pass that off as “unscientific.

A society that’s educated by TV commercials pushing drugs and an inability to take responsibility for our own health. I see in Matthew’s book a way for people from many different specialties to come together and explore the many common sense truths that he exposes.

Dr Carolyn Dean This book is long overdue, and being so easy to read will make a large impact. This book is the ‘missing link’ so many people all over the world were expecting. This is no fiction, this is not only science, this is mind-opening! Christian Callec “This is a highly original and well-written book full of intriguing and thought-provoking information.

The author’s personal journey into science leads the reader down some fascinating highways and byways and offers up new ways of thinking about old issues. Peter Argent” A fascinating fresh look at a technology long forgotten. I can’t wait to get to the next chapter. Steve Krattiger Wonderfully thought-provoking book.

I am sure this book will open our minds, and that is what we need mmatthew this world, more than anything else. But why, Mattthew wonder, is science so blind Alex St Clair Scientists already acknowledge that they can’t explain everything and how some things work. They also recognise that there is a force outside of what they know which makes things work.

Challenges to scientific theory which includes past overlooked evidence such as this one will hopefully increase global sharing of knowledge and research and working together to look after the global community which is long overdue.

Pamela Wheeler Absolutely enthralling. Can’t wait to read the rest of the book Robert Mak Thank you for writing about little-known scientists and their work – so sad that their work has fallen into near- oblivion.

Rosemary Mattingley It’s disappointing that science has turned away from this concept and have run in the wrong direction – taking the easier way out.

Ep Conway Just a note to thank you again for your extraordinary efforts in this book, and offer our unqualified encouragement. Odin Townley The idea of vibrations interacting with each other is so obvious, yet seems to have eluded many of the scientists of our time. Gill Graham The book is a wonderful new addition as it carefully tries to bring new concepts and emphasises their importance after a careful study of many wonderful works.


Cath Andison I was aware of some of the influences of the moon and planets on biological systems, but you show many studies of how much more influence there is. It is interesting how “science” is so dogmatic and belief oriented about certain things and prides itself on being open minded when in fact it is so closed.

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Walter Jaworski I applaud your bravery. Silvertsone is not easy to tackle conventional science and allopathic medicine at this point in time without being attacked and even having a license removed. I loved your introduction. I silvedstone verify that your statement that universities encourage research of only recent papers and texts is correct.

This is very sad. We have lost so much knowledge over the years due to those in authority using the ‘witch hunts’ of all those who had herbal and healing knowledge for their destruction. Alternate therapies are denigrated publicly and there is even a movement to have them banned by law.

Cheryl Orian Brilliant, refreshing and fascinating. Gardening will never be the same. Sara Rasmussen We owe you a debt of gratitude for making this knowledge available. Harry Vaughan Matthww refreshing read and succeeds in drawing attention to the important work and research of an important neglected scientist Amelia Blass It’s bt like this that, when read by the masses, will bring some light into the area of alternative treatments.

Thanks for doing this Matthew! Rob Mclntyre The world could be a much silverstonf one for everyone if we all opened our eyes and mind. Thanks again for helping us doing silverstlne Rebecca Tuge Congratulations on the book. I’m so glad that you are sharing this information with the world.

The next step is getting everyone to wake up and seek this information. Bobby Flick The more I read the more excited I am about your book. I really hope that you get this out to a wide scidnce. Sadly, so many people don’t read and just accept what they hear on the TV or through the media. Kevin Trundell It’s my lucky day finding a link to your book.

The reading of the intro chapter was brilliant Linda David It’s about time a book like this came along Such a good read Laura Bordin I can’t stop reading this book, it is so enlightening, combining many things I have considered but not understood. Ruthsmith This is such an informative book and very clearly written. Every single thought and idea is direct to the point.

Thanks for taking your time sharing this to your readers. Great, now we will have an easy to understand reference.

Constance Tracy Tayler Wow. This info has some amazing implications. mattthew

Walter Martin No longer do I have to keep many books around to read up on, just one. Karen Robinson Thank you Matthew for shaking some trees, so to speak Charles Pienaar A chatty, informative read about a deadly serious subject: Tony Moody This is a ground breaking book with a refreshing perspective. Barry O’Donnell You put into words all the concepts I’ve been screaming about for years! Scienfe part of this publication may be reproduced, stored in a retrieval system, or transmitted, in any form or by any means, without the prior permission in writing from the author, nor be otherwise circulated in any form of binding or cover other than that in which it is published and without a similar condition including this condition being imposed on the subsequent purchaser.


I am sure I have a pretty average mqtthew of trees amongst a generation of other city-dwellers. I can recognise some trees, but very few of them.

I know they grow leaves in the spring, which fall off in the autumn, although I know some trees keep their leaves all year round.

I know I really love standing next to big trees, and for some reason I always find myself gravitating towards them while in the local park.

I like trees, but besides climbing them as a child I don’t think I have ever thought much about them. The day that someone, for whom I had great respect, casually told me to go and touch a tree as it would improve my health. Well, you can imagine my look of complete incredulity.

It was probably one of the most ridiculous suggestions I think anyone had ever made to me – that I should go to the park, stand next to a tree and touch it. Just the thought of it was ridiculous. I am sure I had touched trees before, certainly while climbing them as a child, but I couldn’t remember noticing any physical effect it had on me, either positively or negatively.

You can understand therefore that I had no intention whatsoever of complying with my friend’s wishes and being made to look an idiot in the park, leaning against a tree, getting better.

I mean, for how long would I have to do it – one minute, twenty minutes, God forbid an hour? And which tree would I touch?

Blinded By Science by Matthew Silverstone

A big one, a little one? He hadn’t given me an instruction manual. It came as no surprise to me that I didn’t take him up on his idea, but what did surprise me enormously, however, was that my nineteen-year-old son took up his suggestion. I mean, if a tree can affect us, what does that mean? The implications seemed to be huge – so much so that I wanted to investigate further and see what scientific evidence might lie behind this.

Mattuew I have moved on too quickly, without telling you what happened to my son that fateful day. To cut a very long story short, my son was suffering from severe chronic fatigue. Up until the point he became ill, he had been a straight A student who loved playing football.

Blinded By Science Matthew Silverstone

As a parent, you try all of the accepted medical routes, which in the case of chronic fatigue are very limited, most avenues taking you to psychiatrists. But as both my brother and my father are Professors of psychiatry, I knew there was no solution there – chronic fatigue is a physical problem, not a mental one.

So what did we have to lose when we turned to “quackery science” as a method of treatment? We were forced into this position when we were told by the doctors and complementary medical practitioners that they had run out of options and there was nothing more that could be done.

It was my wife who suggested we try even the “crazy” ideas, for what did we have to lose? I remember that discussion vividly. We were sitting at our kitchen table feeling incredibly depressed when I turned to my friend sitting silvershone to me and said, “Look how low we have sunk – we are actually going to try the services of a healer. I am not sure I would have been brave enough to seek out the help of extreme alternative ideas, but it seems that women are much more silverstobe to do so.