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This book was published very limitedly and then the publisher folded.

Stupidly Rowdy complied with the rat maze even though he was the only half-human there. Eerily familiar wing -batting and heel pounding noises came from within. It was an achy, fiery sensation that reminded him of the sound of fingernails on chalkboard.

There was no stopping this long anticipated shift now. Maria snagged hold of his arm. He got up, trying to casually hold a napkin over his front, and walked the long length of the table to her.

They always assumed it was her problem. He was there, too! Do you mind if I share the blanket with you for a bit? Sep 03, Jennybeast rated it did not like it Shelves: Vanessa supposed she had chosen him so that she bewithed feel less guilty. Godiva and Gladys dropped to the ground in relief.

But for now, you only need to know that you lose your memory each time the full moon rises. Janice sat up botehred and shifted her eyes. Surprisingly, he had become enraptured by the natural and mysterious elements of Brokenoggin which he featured in all his new paintings. Night vision tuned, Janice could just make out the too-pale outline of a human-looking face above a powerful-if-beer-bellied, leather-clad, biker-built form.


The urge to stretch his long length into her was unrelenting. Although why a normal human would like it Brokenoggin she could never understand. Janice took a step forward from her usual spot as peacekeeper at the front edge of the room.

Janice Thinksalot swept the headlights of her rebuilt Chevrolet Caprice police cruiser across the wood-burned sign in a hevampyred arc when she made the shoulder-to-shoulder yoo-ey back into the confines of her patrol jurisdiction.

He might be boring, but he was still fey. He scooped up the packages and wrenched around. So much for sprinting home.

Bewitched, Bothered & Bevampyred 2: Fangs Again by Maryjanice Davidson – FictionDB

Portentia was leading him to that place beside the lake where the Wyvern dwelled. Something that—he sniffed the night air—smelled of rotting meat. Little did she know she was playing with fire. Steam rose botnered his sex therapist. He was an ex-student.

Out of breath, Jean-Luc said not a word—instead he peeked into the motel room. Not that she cared if the stubborn dragon-lover had his eyebrows singed. And Gerda broke into a frenzied run. But you and I And he was never going to get that fang back in without her help. Not to mention that she was having a little trouble with her own inner beast lately. An emotion, perhaps, or something even more rare and therefor more frightening and exhilarating and connected to her long unused and oft -rejected libido—or possibly both.

Bewitched, Bothered and Bevampyred

Right now she would give up her first unborn anything if she could just get out of there. Mavis leaned forward to deftly untie the striped Brooks-Brothers staple. He scented the warm evening breeze. There was also no moon. Being a queen had its moments.


When had she unbuttoned her oxford shirt and pushed it off her shoulders? The room fell silent while chairs scooted and feet shuffled on the floor. Rowdy was a breast man and the goddess had given him an eyeful and second helpings to boot with the civil servant before him. That was comforting in itself.

Bewitched, Bothered & BeVampyred Anthology – FictionDB

Well now, that was good to know. Of course, praying to her sister witches helped. Each creature materialized at the edge of the forest and stood, watching the proceedings, grinning. His breath had deepened and his eyes kept traveling from her mouth to her breasts. The buttercup yellow material pooled at her feet.

He almost literally ran into Joe who stormed out of the small box of a building. Might not be a good idea. The door creaked open behind them and steps echoed across the tiled floor of the cafeteria where all town meetings were held.

Aug 30, Krystl Louwagie rated it did not like it. Then she could try again.