Find great deals for Beastmen Army Book (warhammer Armies) by Hoare Andy Kelly Phil Warhammer Fantasy Daemons of Chaos HC 8th Edition. The 8e Beastmen Handbook Hello there, and welcome to the 8th Beastmen are a Horde army. .. Beastmen Army Book. The Skaven army list works perfectly in 8th edition and did get reinforcements with Warhammer: Thanquol. The Beastmen book fell a bit short.

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Hey Mathias, I don’t think you defined Man-Bane anywhere in the book. Thank you so much! Also Mathias, I would give the marks to all units–I mean that has been a staple among Chaos as long as I can remember.

I don’t know how you feel about the Gors, but I would like to ar,y all units have some marks–I mean, the Warriors of Chaos and Daemons all do. I want them to feel different from the other chaos armies, hence I want to only be available for a few units. Only a few beastmen would ever be considered worthy by the Gods, most of them are more or less forsaken.

It looks like the Empire is next, I’m a little disappointed that a lot of my suggestions weren’t made use of but oh well.

Here’s my suggestions for the Empire: Has the Multiple Shots 6 special rule. Both cost 4pts base and are only equipped with a hand weapon no armor. Both can upgrade to Light 1pt or Heavy 2pts armor.

Soldiers can be upgraded to veterans 2pts and have all the usual weapon options. Marksmen have a mandatory ranged weapon option. Soldiers can counter-charge whenever a unit of Greatswords, Soldiers or Marksmen is charged within 3″. Marksmen can give Supporting Fire to any unit of Greatswords, Soldiers or Marksmen that are charged within 3″ of it. This helps differentiate them from the other Heavy Cavalry dominant faction Bretonnia.

Perhaps you should also combine the Cult of Ulric and Empire lists since the Cult is part beastmn the Empire. Can’t make everybody happy unfortunately! Quite a few of your Empire ideas will be implemented though: Just a couple typos I noticed: In Gorthor’s entry, the special rule on Bagrar reads Ttiskgor rather than Tuskgor. As always, I love your Army Books! Can’t wait to see how you will work out one of my own armies. Keep up the great job! The reason it’s 8hh is because you can lose Frenzy but not ItP.

As a beastmen player Id be quite sad to see it change the ghorgon is the best incarnate. Ambushers is a rule mandatory to use, thats why you can’t deploy the wood elves forest riders. You should put that rule as optional, like skirmish or you can’t play with your gors on the battlefield until turn 2 with luck. That’s true, it’s something I plan on changing in my 9th ed version. But until then, I’ll make ambushers optional.

Awsome work thank you book much! Where can we see a Tomb Kings book from you?: Tomb Kings changed a lot in the 8th edition because the magic is very different same for all.


I kind of miss it but I guess it will remain like that. Can’t wait what you come up with that book. Mathias, do you intend to give more marks to other units? Or are you happy with the Marks as they are now?

Warhammer army book beastmen 8th edition pdf FULL Version download | avonudup

The book looks really great! I just feel the rules still need a little fine-tuning A few things I’ve noticed in addition to the aforementioned mandatory ambush numbers are the pages: They were just fine with T4; with ary change Beeastmen feel there is no need to play Razorgor Chariots – Random movement in the profile is 3D, in the special rules it states 2D6 – The lore needs quite some rework; otherwise it will never be used – Gnarled Hide is too cheap; it’s one of the most attractive gifts anyway, I’d consider 25 points – 84 typo: Are there any particular reasons for removing the heavy armour?

Minos lost the option for heavy armour and cannot properly pursue due to 8fh. They still are far too expensive if they are to stay like this. I’d prefer them being able to pursue as normal and a slightly reduced cost, though. With the worse armour save and random effect still not worth considering despite lower cost. Don’t know abot Ghorgon and Preyton right now; they both appear to be a little expensive as well due veastmen the lack of any saving throws.

As always, these are just my personal views on the rules and point costs: The jabberslythe need more identity, now don’t have enought charisma. Is an encarnation of madness, and it should reflex that. Think about rules 8ty this: All units except jabberslythe at 6″ or less have -1 leadership.

It can use this special attack in shooting phase. All enemy units at 12″ or less are affected, this units recieves this damage: This is a magical attack. Range 12″, Strenght 5, Quick shoot, hallucinogenic spit hallucinogenic spit: Any model who recieve an unsaved wound have -1 to his leadership the rest of the battle.

This monster need cool rules like those, not good stats or saves. All the army exists only to smash heads, some crazy units are need to keep the insanity. Razorgor chariots still have a lot more punch. I could see myself lowering the casting values some more, or is it the spell effects you 8h too weak?

You can just upgrade to heavy armour though, so no loss. I will make them 1 pt cheaper by default too. Chaos Giant is already 25 pts cheaper than the official version, beasten want to nerf it more than that yet. Thanks for the feedback! I think the Jabberslythe is fine like is, I don’t additional unique rules are needed here.

Some good points and some not so good ones. Monsters are much better than they were and they’re me realistic than the 9th age so no complaints there. I don’t thing gnarled hide needs an increase but rather should stay at its 15 pts from the 7th ed Bestigor should have heavy armour idk he nerfed it they are the only troops with anything resembling an armour save in this book Monsters should never have a save really unless, now this would be awesome, he reworked the lore of the wild to give ward saves to monsters maybe spell slot 5 casting value range 18″.


Minotaurs, Shamans and Chariots should have access to Marks as well. The Bloodgreed special rule can also grant an absurd number of attacks. Perhaps just make it that Bloodgreed grants Minotaurs Frenzy that can’t be lost. Less rolling that way. Marks on Shamans don’t really add much, since they are not fighters.

I dont know if my last post got deleted or posted, but ill try again Longtime beastmen player here games in 8th, multiple tournaments, leagues with the goats.

I appreciate what your trying to do, and understand that when making a book if you nake it too powerful it 8t be accepted by the community.

However, beastmen are one of if not the weakest book of the warhammer armies. Some of the nerfs i felt were unnecessary such as Gors to ws Give them marks if you do this, i like the point drop though Chariots are still too vulnerable Ungors should be 1 point lower Razorgors have to be taken in units of 3?

This defeats the purpose of the razorgor as a mobile unit who is not constrained since he could be taken as a single model Ghorgons need another point drop, blood greed has been nerfed along with regaining wounds for the guy Lore of the wild, though slightly improved, is still garbage and no one will take it over the other lores Minos are still too expensive, esp with the bloodgreed cap Biggest problem is bestigors. Bestigors are super expensive and die in droves in the current book.

Now they are more exp if u want the heavy armor and are basically the same. Like the option for halberd though. Chaos spawn probably should be allowed to be taken in units Why is morghur gone from this book?

Classic beastman special character Once again i love your work, but just keep in mind beastmen players besstmen been saying for years they need more help. If you want to nerf things, herdstone, unkillable doombull. But the goats do not need an overall ary. Orcs are also WS3, and I see them as being equal fighters Gors being somewhat better because of primal fury vs choppas. The same pattern can be seen for pretty much all the armies. How are they still too vulnerable?

Hi, Thanks for this great job.

Warhammer Army Book

And last remark, can you add a version number or changelog in your document? Continue and great job again. Good work so far. But it feels a liitle bit rushed if i compare it with the great bretonnian book. Why gors with ws 3?