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Should you switch to winter tyres?

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Get involved in our latest campaigns and find out how wintereifentest take action. So should you go out and buy some for your car? Many of you strongly disagreed with our suggestion that, for many in the UK, it is hard to justify their cost. Conversation commenters are weighing up whether they need to invest in winter tyres. This would prevent many motorists becoming stranded, or worse, crashing. And in severe wet conditions, the deeper tread grooves are often better at dispersing xutobild water.

So I completely understand why some people living in very rural areas are preparing their cars by fitting winter tyres.


But if you live in a town or city, should you switch to winter tyres before the weather turns bad? Usually, this involves buying not just four new tyres, but also a spare set of steel rims to fit them to. First, while there has been some extreme weather in the past couple of years, UK winters tend to be far milder than countries where winter tyre use is mandatory.

But prolonged snow and ice are rare. Wintefreifentest, I believe good driving techniques are just as important as the tyres fitted. My year driving career includes extensive personal year-round driving in the UK and Europe. Plus, I also have professional driving experiences from being a car mechanic on breakdown duty during the cold-snap, through to my wknterreifentest as an engineer in the mids, testing tyres on the winterreifntest lakes of northern Sweden. As the industry markets winter tyres, many of you want to know more about their pros and cons.

I read somewhere that in the UK we should change our tyres when they reach wintrereifentest tread depth, apparently below 3mm stopping distance performance, grip and wet road handling drop off a cliff where as from 8mm to 3mm performance just declines gradually.

Below 3mm traction with summer tyres in snow, slush and mud is negligible as the tread fills up and they effectively become slicks.

It makes my mind boggle to think that people will take out expensive extended warranties on their televisions and then drive around on tyres which by common consent are not fit for purpose. There has been a suggestion that the relaxing of the spasm of speed cameras in the last couple of years is the cause of the slowing in the rate of decline of casualties or are winterreifentset just reaching a point where improving road safety is just getting more difficult as all the easy targets have been hit.

The introduction of DRLs day running lights and tyre pressure monitors on new cars in the last couple of years might make witnerreifentest difference but I suspect getting tough on tyres would achieve more, but that is my subjective opinion.

Wutobild find qinterreifentest running lights much of the time to be distracting and unecessary. I did once work out that the energy they use would power a town of houses.