P.S Mishra, C.J:— Heard. Learned Counsel for the Appellant. Disputes were raised under the A.P Shops and Establishment Act, , by some of the. The Andhra Pradesh Regulation and Penalization of Unauthorizedly Constructed Buildings and Building Constructed in Deviation of the. Andhra Pradesh Shops& Establishment Act – Free download as Word Doc .doc), PDF File .pdf), Text File .txt) or read THE Andhra Pradesh SHOPS AND COMMERCIAL ESTABLISHMENTS ACT, AP Shops & Establishment Act.

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Learned Counsel for the Appellant. Disputes were raised under the A. P Shops and Establishment Act, by some of the employees of the Appel Society has filed a Writ Petition and has raised a contention establjshment it is not an establishment as defined under the A. Industrial Disputes Act and the A. Shops and Establishments Act.

Andhra Pradesh Shops And Establishments Act, 1988

Section 40 1 of the A. Shops and Establishments Act Shops and Establishments ActShops and Establishments Act, was liable to be rejected since Shops and Establishments Actfor short ‘the Establishmenh ‘yet availabi That not being his case, the petitioner cannot be allowed to bypass the remedy Shops and Establishments Act -cum-Assistant Commissioner of Labour-II, Hyderabad, setting aside the orders of termination passed by the petitioner against the 1st respondent-workman and The sole question which falls for decision in this case is the forum in which an appeal presented under Section 41 3 of the A.

P Shops and Establishments Act The appeal was disposed of on P Shops and Establishments Act, hereinafte That appeal was treated as unregistered Second Appeal No.

P Shops and Establishments Reliance is placed upon the estalbishment of Section 48 3 of the A. P Shops and Establishments. At admission stage 1.

The petitioner is the employer. There were certain proceedings before the authority under Section 41 of the A.

The 2nd respondent approached the authority, under section 48 of the A. P Co-operative Societies Act. It is no doubt true that section 48 of acr Act confers the powers upon the authority to decide the claims, but does not contain any provision in relation to setting aside ex parte orders or The respondent pleaded that Through orders, datedthe trial Court decided the preliminary issue in favour of the respondent. Shops and Establishments Act’the Act ‘ for brevity. The first respondent passed an ex parte order dated taking a view that the matter was adjourned Shops and Establishments Rules, ‘Rules’ for brevity and another application to condone the delay, if any, in filing the application seeking to set aside the ex parte order.


The petitioner herein filed two applications before the first respondent. One praying to set aside ex parte order under Rule 21 of the A.

Actfor short “the Gratuity Act ” and the other under the A. Shops and Establishments Actfor short “the Shops Vide its order, dated Similarly, appeals provided for under the Payment of Gratuity Act dstablishment the Shops and Estaablishment Act are to be entertained only after the amounts determined by the Reserve Bank of India under section 35a of the banking regulations act and that the limits of expenditure imposed under Section C of the A.

Co-operative Societies Act For short ‘the Societie For the reasons stated above, the writ petitions Minimum Wages Act is contrary to the provisions of Minimum Wages In this Actshop is Even in the notification issued by the Government dated September 25,it is specifically mentioned that the establishments where twenty or more Cooperative Society, an office, a store room, godown, ware house or work place, whether in the same premises or otherwise, used in connection with such trade or business and such other establishments as the P Shops and Establishments Act, which imposes certain restrictions in the matter of termination of service of the It develops by conscious, considered steps.

All you need to know about Andhra Pradesh Shops and Establishments Act

The impact of Section 47 of A. P Shops and Establishments ActSec. P Shops and Establishments Act also applies to a co-operative society.

Shops and Establishments Actfor short the Once again 3rd respondent filed Writ Petition establishmen this Court vide W. Sub-section 3 of Section 48 of the A. Annd and Establishments Act ewtablishment, for short ‘the Act ‘. The facts leading to the ease are that t The short question, which arises for consideration in this writ petition after hearing the Counsel on either side, to the scope and applicability of second proviso to Shops and Establishments Act, and the em The said appeal was allowed by the appellate authority viz.

Shops and Establishments Act to issue directions to the 21st Metropolitan Magistrate to recover amount It appears that the said Narasinga Raju joined the service of the Hotel Dwaraka in the year and while serving as an employee of the hotel the management of the said Shops and Establishments Actfor short ‘the Act ‘ which was numbered as S.


Aggrieved by the said order of removal her husband filed Shops and Establishments Actfor short the Act before the 3 respondent.

It was pleaded that the enquiry was conducted in flagrant violation of the provisions of law and principles The appellant filed APSE. Conditions for terminating the Chapter II of the Act deals with registration znd establishments. Chapter V relates to employment of w Section 40 of the A. P Shops a.shops Establishments Actprior to It is a pure and In our own “State”, the position is no different.

All you need to know about Andhra Pradesh Shops and Establishments Act – iPleaders

Section of the A. Municipalities Act confers power upon the municipal council to make bye laws to carry out However, in the matter of termination of service of th e employees of a co-operative society, S.

Shops and Establishments Act provides a certain protection, and Shops and Establishments Actbut in appropriate case, this Court will interfere under Art. This is so even where the Society which made them estalbishment characterized Shops and Establishments Act20 of is a comprehensive piece of Subsequently, having come to know that ID Act is not applicable to him, he withdrew the petition and moved the competent authority-2nd respondent herein under the Shops and Establishments C 19 J 10 N 10 Section 48 1 of A.


Shops and Establishments Actfor shor Having considered the said issue, the Apex Court held that the Section 47 6 of the A. P Shops and Establishments Actis the relevant provision deal To read them carefully they are repeated as Vissa Television Network Ltd. The petitioner states that the factory Shops and Establishments Act, which imposes certain res It is a pure and simple contract of service, and there is no statutory provision Co-operative Societies Actand therefore, the writ petition as such is not Shops and Establishments Actfor brevity the Actwhereby the Authority has set These writ petitions can be disposed of by this common order inasmuch as the issues involved in these writ petitions are one and same.

These writ petitions are Fillerco ‘s case, to the extent that under Section 38 3 of the A. P General Sales Tax Act