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This term, usually applied to animals, envisages a “blueprint” encompassing aspects such as symmetrysegmentation and limb disposition. Evolutionary developmental biology seeks to explain the origins of diverse body plans. Body plans have historically been considered to have evolved in a flash in the Cambrian explosionbut a more nuanced understanding bayplan animal evolution suggests gradual development of body plans throughout the early Palaeozoic.

The history of the discovery of body plans can be seen as a movement from a worldview centred on the vertebratesto seeing the vertebrates or chordates baupla one phylum ‘s body plan among many. Among the pioneering zoologistsLinnaeus identified bauplam body plans outside the vertebrates; Cuvier identified three; and Haeckel had four, as well as the Protista with eight more, for a total of twelve.

For comparison, the number of phyla recognised by modern zoologists has risen to Linnaeus’s Vermes included effectively all other groups of animals, not only tapewormsearthworms and leeches but molluscssea urchins and starfishjellyfishsquid and cuttlefish.


Taking the central nervous system as the main organ system which controlled all the others, such as the circulatory and digestive systems, Cuvier distinguished four body plans or embranchements: Grouping baupln with these body plans resulted in four branches: Annl Haeckelin his Generelle Morphologie der Organismenasserted that all living things were monophyletic had a single evolutionary originbeing divided into plants, protista, and animals.

His protista were divided into moneres, protoplasts, flagellates, diatoms, myxomycetes, myxocystodes, rhizopods, and sponges. His animals baulpan divided into groups with distinct body plans: Haeckel’s animal phyla were coelenteratesechinodermsand following Cuvier articulates, molluscs, and vertebrates.

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Gould explored the idea that the different bau;lan could be perceived in terms of a Bauplan, illustrating their fixity. However, he later abandoned this idea in favor of punctuated equilibrium.

The current range of body plans is far from exhaustive of the possible patterns for life: Genesembryos and development together determine the form of an adult organism’s body, through the complex switching baplan involved in morphogenesis. Developmental biologists seek to understand how genes control the development of structural features through a cascade of processes in which key genes produce morphogenschemicals that diffuse through the body to produce a gradient that acts as a position indicator for cells, turning on other genes, some of which in turn produce other morphogens.

A key discovery was the existence of groups of homeobox geneswhich function as switches responsible for laying down the basic body plan in animals.


The homeobox genes are remarkably conserved between species as diverse as the fruit fly and humans, the basic segmented pattern of the worm or fruit fly being the origin of the segmented spine in humans.

The field of animal evolutionary developmental biology ‘Evo Devo’which studies the genetics of morphology in detail, is rapidly expanding [11] with many of the developmental genetic cascades, particularly in the fruit fly Drosophilacatalogued in considerable detail.

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A set of morphological features common to members of a phylum of animals. Evolutionary biology portal Paleontology portal. On the Origin of Phyla. University of California Press. Generelle Morphologie der Organismen: Integrative and Comparative Biology.

Biological Reviews of the Cambridge Philosophical Society. Journal of the Geological Society. This article uses material from the Wiki pedia page available here.

Bauplan der Bildungsinitiative “Haus der kleinen Forscher”. Teslaspule Bauplan mit Sperrschwinger.

Read Trusted Web 4. Bauplan einer Miniramp, Halfpipe. Mit Sweethome3D Innenraeume zeichnen und gestalten. Jersey City, New Jersey. New York City, New York. Salt Lake City, Utah.

Sioux Falls, South Dakota.