Book of Magic Core Exxet – Ebook download as Word Doc .doc /.docx), PDF File .pdf), Text File Anima Beyond Fantasy – Dominus Exxet [English Edition]. Changes to Core for Anima Beyond Fantasy by nick0iijima. ones that impact the English translations and/or current rules. (I.e. some flavor text corrections and. My understanding had been that only the Revised edition rules were available in English, and that a translation of the Core Exxet (2nd ed. core.

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Also, thanks to all who contacted us about sponsorship. I’ve never seen an anima general, or seen it mentioned in other threads at all, actually. I’m sure it happened at some point, but hardly often. Exxeet about to start running a tabletop version of a JRPG, englisj, since near as I can tell that’s what it is good for. Am I making a terrible mistake? I for one would like to try it but can’t find anyone to play it. I love it, but Anima is a gigantic trainwreck of disparate rules and esoteric mechanics.

It operates on the notion that if everyone in the world is a super special snowflake, then no one is.

Couple things to keep in mind: If any players or potential players are unenthusiastic about learning such a dense, crunchy system, show them how it’s basically 3.

Possibly moreso since it’s entirely possible to have a completely broken character right out of the gate at level 1 using only material from the core book. And I’m not talking “the wizard ended the fight with a single Color Spray” levels of broken. Also, unlike most games, Anima has linear casters and quadatic fighters.

Beware Technicians, for they are the god class. However, if the players aren’t making ridiculous Mary Sues, they’re doing it wrong. This is a world of hot-blooded shounen heroes, brooding swordsmen with cursed weapons, and sarcastic schoolboy assassins with Mystic Eyes of Death Perception which is on page 76 of Dominus Exxet if anyone wants to make Shiki.

If anyone in the group is bad at ania, make engpish they have a calculator handy. This is doubly true after level 3 or 4 when the numbers start really ramping up. Better yet, download the Anima Combat Accelerator google it. This thing is so rules-heavy it might as well be made of platinum, especially once you factor in supplements.

The layout and shoddy English translation don’t really do it any favors. With all the good neglish I’ve heard about it, I guess it’s a perfect game if you have someone to walk you through the rules. And through character creation.

Oh god, the character creation Before tactics getting the can a thread could abima about 2 weeks. And losing HP isn’t entlish as you’ll get worse All action penalty.

But if you do go nuts, then Wizards are the most powerful – glass cannons – as they can access some of their best tricks, such as 10km tsunamis, earthquakes and hurricanes actually less useful than you would think and so forth from Level 1. Summoners start out somewhere between mentalist and fighter – they’re a so-so mage and have a so-so fighter. At endgame they’re probably the most powerful, as they’re a wizard who rides a different dragon every day of the week and also summon Yog-Sothoth.

The Game Meanwhile, in a system that’s not shit, you can have players doing englidh things instead of scouring the rulebook looking for ways to break the system and having the DM retaliate by breaking the system against them. Make sure you find the document somewhere that translates the game into it’s second edition, they englosh the first edition of the main book but the second edition everything else so there’s a couple of things that don’t make a lot exxrt sense – Magic got the biggest change but everything got a little bit fixed up.


Nothing is as broken as it looks, everything relies on things working out as good as they can get – Magic Users, Technicians, Martials, it’s easy as shit to accidentally nerf someone into the ground as easily as taking away gear, going on a boat, or asking them anjma be moral and cord members of society inside of a city. As the DM you have to be passingly familiar with all of the rules, which is the hardest part – Anima is a game of sub-systems, and each one has it’s intricacies.

They’re reminiscent of the old Rolemaster games. Spot on with the disparate rules charge, though. Flipping through one hundred pages of chargen to find one exception you forgot is very frustrating. Once you’re graduated from chargen, though, the game is fucking magical. The setting was a massive surprise to me.

It’s a Fantasy Kitchen Sink – unlike most of them, such as Golarion, it’s pretty cool and can actually handle groups of PCs running amok trying to start an industrial revolution or eat god. Plus there are a lot of special snowflakes and giant edgelord bastards floating around for your PC snowflakes to murderise. The horrible edgelord version of Exet and tons of “The PCs should never know about any of this shit and if they find out they will be instantly killed by the Mary-Sue Secret Societies that rule the setting” coree turned me off to it.

It’s still vague enough for you to do whatever you want with it without ever touching any of the backstory whatsoever. Only are higher, and only a handful are level They basically don’t matter unless you start shit in a major city, leave a trail of burnt villages or took Enemy: The thing is – there are all these super-secret societies and they all have their gimmicks.

But the PCs are explicitly given the tools to smack their teeth in, and that’s what most parties who get involved with exzet end up doing – and boy, does Black Sun suffer. If you find out about Imperium? Most englishh the time they recruit you. Also the art design sucks.

All current PDF files (English versions) : anima

Most gamers have choked the first one down and asked for more, and the second makes Anima look like a small picture of a happy boat in terms of terrible design. They’re around, but the ones I know for instance aren’t the kind to come here to 4chan.

I also joined a shorter lived actual game of Anima which was fun, except Ckre didn’t psychotically twink my character so he actually died getting swarmed by crows. If you’re going to run a JRPG on a table, do so fluff-wise, not mechanically.

JRPG mechanics are designed to be handled by a computer, not pen and paper. I admit I don’t quite know what system to replace it with, but I recommend something other than Anima. I have a weakness for shounen themed games. I have a bit of a thing for mage-warrior guys but from what I hear the warlock and warrior-mentalist suck.


Are there any tricks to make them not suck? I’d put it at a solid 3. I suppose if this had been my first system instead corre 3.

Since now nobody I know would even try to familiarize themselves with the system, I can’t really work up the motivation to work through it.

Paying a bit of dp to prevent the need to invest in so many different stats really helps in the long run. Someone who knows about this shit. Also they’re not the most borked church splinter, that’s nathaniel because Ergo. Also fuck off, black sun is great. Better than Azur and les Jaeger. Do mods count towards combat ability limits? This goes also for penalties, so predeterminating gets penalties too.


I have run several Anima games, and am currently running two more, of varying levels. The biggest issue I’ve found is that any players who use psionics end up feeling left out with how little englih there is for them. Not at my own computer for the moment, so I can’t make any new snippets. Imperium and co, could have made something Messiah2, global enemy not being the barrier to avoid genocide, but that didn’t benefit them, so they didn’t.

After evolving separately it would mean that if the barrier goes down and they mix again, war would ensue. But, since the breaking of the skies?

Wissen girl loses conscience in vetala ruins. She now thinks she’s vetala. I have a dropbox full of every english PDF and some neat tidbits I’d be willing to vore, but I’m not engliah if I need to cloak some information or whatnot for you guys. Is there a difference between black-cover and white-cover English core?

The Spanish black incorporates errata, does the English do the same? So I guess it’s the same as the spanish-black-being-errata’ed. It’s also only in spanish and unless carlos gets off his fatass and gets a GOOD translator, the only one. Other than that search for “Revised Version”. All I can find is the old white-cover file. I don’t think there is a purpose to that. Yeah, it uses big numbers, but only because it wants to make determining results easier.

Of course, it could also be pure numberwank, which JRPG’s are quite prone to. You should just wing the bonus on the fly though.

/tg/ – Traditional Games

Becoming a Chimera makes you vulnerable to a lot of nasty effects, and it raises your effective level without the usual increase in skills that allow you to survive it. It’s a good way to give the party an edge, but it’s only easymode if the GM doesn’t understand how to use it. You could kill them all day and then high-five Buddha on the ahima home.

Also, as every game there is to have in account how disruptive it is. If your quimera is “Uh, I now look like a little girl and can magically fly, exet night vision and utility general shit” since you’re a wizard it’s expected and not gamebreaking not TOO game breaking in the other hand “I’m nearly impossible to kill and have a million super fancy abilities that basically mean the rest of the party might as well not be here” is pretty dickish.

Just remember that in anima everyone will have a niche in which they’re AWESOME at unless everyone did the same build you can have a technician, that does summoning, one that corw a full on tanky fighter with sustains, a third one that is a walking nuke spammer and the forth one that’s a fighter with cancellation abilities.

If you lived under disguises or illusions and concealed the true extent of your power or just avoided civilisation, you’d be fine. But that kind of character doesn’t often need a smacking. Denote that undead-chimera will have random valkyrias come to fuck your tender undead ass. I stitched that together! Nice to see it floating around. Even AoE ki-techs unless you buy the advantage.