Supplication of Imam in the Morning of Ashura. In the morning of the day of Āshura the horsemen of the enemy launched an attack on the ranks of the Imam. Amal E Ashura – Including Shab E Ashura – Download as PDF File .pdf), Text File .txt) or read online. SALAAM LINKS TO AMAAL E ASHURAH IN DIFFERENT LANGUAGES ARE GIVEN BELOW AMAL E ASHURAH IN ENGLISH – VIDEO AMAL.

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Keep awake whole night and continue performing salat, majalis, noha and matam.

Recite Ziarat-e-Imam Hussain a. Recite 4 Rakaat prayers in the following manner:. If ones does not remember these suras by heart, one can recite them reading directly from the Holy Quran or can also ashuar any other Suras that one remembers by heart.

Youm-e-Ashura Kay Masnoon Amaal

After completing this salat, recall the event of Karbala and the killers of Imam Hussain a. O Allah condemn and lay a curse upon the killers of Hussain a. After this, go forward a few steps from where you are standing and the recite “Inna lillahe wa inna ilehe rajeoon- Rizan be qazaa-ehe wa tasleeman le amreh”. Then come back to your place. Repeat this procedure 7 times.

We are hapy with His will and f out His command.

Ashura. Aashura, Amaal,

Then go back to your place where you are standing and recite: Condemn and punish the licentious profligates who make the life of Thy Messenger miserable; and waged was against Thy close friends, and worshipped others, but ama, Thee, deemed lawful that which Thou had forbidden, bring a curse upon their leaders, followers, on those who were in themsecretly or distinctly were hand in glove with them, or condoning their mis deeds. A great many curses. Indeed a great many among the people declared war, laid traps and intrigued against the careful and gentle guardians who observed and fulfilled the duty.

O myAllah, pset and overturn the plan and movement of Thy enemies, who are also the enemies of Thy Messenger and the children of Thy Messenger. O my Allah, put a stop to the spread of their sphere of influence; make their equipment and men unserviceable, their expression confused and d brak up their support; crack up their stategy; lay hold upon them, hit and cut off by Thy ashuta sharp strike; throw them down, frightened by Thy hard unnerving barrier, bury them under the swallowing mud of disasters; let them be mean and contemptible under the yoke of despise-able penance; bring them to book and let them have the taste of a hard and sharp retribution; fester them with definite and exemplary punishment, as Thou wipes out Thy enemies; it is beyond the shadow of doubt that Thou cracks down upon the criminals.


O my Allah, the way of life approved by Thee has been tossed aside; Thy code of law has been suspended; and the descendents of the Prophet, in this world, had been tormented.

O my Allah, Therefore give all Thy attention and care to signify ashufa, and the upholders of truth; restrain and prevent falsehood, and the camp-followers of false-hood, and take us to safety as a favour; guide us to true faith; make available for us, as soon as possible, happiness and bliss, bring everything ashra to good order through the inspiring presence of Thy representatives; make us desire and love themmake them receive us with open arms.

O my Allah, bring to nothing those who celebrate the day the choicest grand son of Thy Prophet was martyred, in cheerful amusement; laugh and enjoy in utter delight and indulge in wanton bois-terous merriment; catch hold of and punish each one of the remaining, just as Thou cracked down on the early culprits ; make twoce as muchthe penalty, O my Allah, and punishment, a warning example, while convicting0 the tyrants who took liberties with and abused the children of Thy Prophet; give the eath blow to their henchmen, put an en to their headmen, wipe out their patrons and their groups altogether.

O my Allah, multiply Thy blessings generously, Thy mercy liberally, Thy favours like a windfall, thou bestows upon the children of Thy Prophet, who Thy enemies tried to ignore, frighten and corner, the children who are the blooming pride of the fragrant strongly grown and fertile tree. Allah has promised such of you as believe and do good deed that He will surely appoint them successors in the earth, as He appointed successors those before them, and that He will surely establish for them Their religion which He has chosen for them, and surely He will give them inexchange safety after their fear.

Thy shall ascribe nothing as partner unto Me. Therefore disperse the dark clouds hanging over them, no one has power to keep safe from pair and distress save He, O Unique! I, O my Allah, Thy bondman, cautions and always aware of Thy just requital, turn to Thee with a request, standing before Thee, to seek the favour of taking refuge with Thee, in Thy courtyard, fully aware of the fact that there is asgura way to run away from Thee except unto Thee.

O my Allah, accede to my request, take notice of my positive statement and heartfelt secret avowal, O my Allah, and let me be the one whose conduct satisfies Thee, whose pious life devoted to Thee receives Thy approval, whom Thou brings to a place of safety through Thy mercy; verily Thou art rare, dear and beloved because of Thy kindness.


O my Allah, let there be no separation ever between me and Muhammad and the children of Muhammad, Thy blessings be on him and them; let me be one among the friends and followers of Muhammad, Ali, Faatimah, Hasan aned Husayn, and their pure and select descendants; give me the insight to cling to their friendship, and be always ready to walk with them, and make use of their life style; Verily Thou art liberal, Generous and Kind, Now go into prostration Sajdahkeep either side of your face on the earth, one after the other, and say: O He who decrees that which He wills, does that ajal He wants.

It is Thou ashuura possesses and exercises absolute power; therefore all praise is for Thee only ; Thou alone art the praiseworthy, zshura thankworthy. O my Master, let them have a life full of love and peace, and let us share the harmony and bliss with them, because Thou has given a guarantee to put them on the highest pedestal of love, honour and wisdom, after the severest trial and tribulation, to do too much for themexceeding all bounds, after they had put up with the worldly minimum in Thy causeto make them distinct and evident after Thy amall kept them in obscurity, O the Most Truthful!

Aal the Most Merciful! Verily Thou art able to do all things raise your head, look towards the sky and say: Give pursa of Imam Hussain a. Aazamallahu ujoorana bi-musabina bil Hussain a.

Amal E Ashura In Different Languages – Muharram / –

Recite 4 Rakaat prayers in the following manner: After completing the prayer, recite times Sura-e-Ikhlas 5. Recite Salawat and “Allahummal an qatalatal Hussainehi wa ashabeehi” Notes: Observe faqa abandon eating and drinking without the intention of fasting. Ashira and attend majalis, Nohas and matam dari. Recite times Sura-e-Ikhlas Qul ho allah-ho ahad 4.

Recite times – “Allahummal an qatalatal Hussaine wa ashabehi” 5. Recite 4 Rakat Namaz in 2 sets of 2 rakat each in the following manner: We are hapy with His will and carry out His command 8. Recite Salawat and “Allahummal an qatalatal Hussainehi wa ashabeehi”