Parker Pyne Investigates has ratings and reviews. Ahmad said: Parker Pyne Investigates, Agatha ChristieParker Pyne Investigates is a short st. Agatha Christie once again demonstrates her mastery of the short form mystery with Parker Pyne Investigates—short stories of crime and detection featuring. Editorial Reviews. Review. “Agatha Christie will continue to fascinate readers long after the next generation of scientific gadgets comes along and renders.

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Parker Pyne, Detective [2] [3]. The collection comprises twelve of her fourteen stories featuring detective James Parker Pyne ; the two remaining stories, Problem at Pollensa Bay and The Regatta Mystery were later collected in The Regatta Mystery in in the US and in Problem at Pollensa Bay in the UK in although these were originally stories featuring Hercule Poirot when they were first published in the Strand Magazine in and respectively.

The book also features the first appearance of the characters of Ariadne Pgneand Miss Felicity Lemon, both of whom would go on to have working relationships with Hercule Poirot in later books. James Parker Parkee is a retired government employee who considers himself to be a “detective of the heart”.

Advertising his services in the “Personal” column of The Timeshe works alongside his secretary Miss Lemon, novelist Ariadne Oliver, handsome ” lounge lizard ” Claude Luttrell and disguise artist Madeleine de Sara. The first six stories deal with Pyne solving cases in England, while the second six stories detail Pyne’s vacation, where he hopes not to have to do detective chritsie only to end up helping others anyway. The marriage of George and Maria Packington is in difficulties.

Packington has started to see a young typist named Nancy. When his wife protests, he states that he is merely trying to bring some happiness into the girl’s life and that there is nothing in their relationship. At the end of her tether, Maria sees Parker Pyne’s advertisement in the personal column of the paper which reads: If not, consult Mr. Maria goes to the address given and Parker Pyne instantly guesses pyme cause of her unhappiness from his knowledge of life and his previous occupation in statistics.

He tells Maria that his fee is two hundred guineas, the sum to be paid up front. At first reluctant, Maria returns to the office parier the money, as Pyne predicted. He has already lined up one of his associates, a cbristie young man called Claude Lutterell, and he tells her that she will receive instructions tomorrow.

The next day, Maria is sent for a beauty treatment and a dress-fitting followed by lunch at the Ritz Hotel with Pyne where she is introduced to Claude.

Something of a whirlwind romance of ten days follows which culminates in a dance one night when Maria and Claude cross paths with George and his girl at a dance. George is jealous and shocked at his wife’s behaviour and a chgistie of days later the two are reconciled. At the same time, Maria has grown closer to Parkwr who breaks off his relationship with her and confesses the shame of his past to her as a gigolo who uses women.

He promises to reform and keep Maria updated with his progress with an annual advert in the personal column. It turns out that this confession was also planned and the advert arranged by Pyne to give a lasting romance to Maria. Pyne is satisfied that he has successfully saved a marriage at a profit to himself. Major Charles Wilbraham calls at Parker Pyne’s office.

He has recently returned after many years in the service of the Empire in East Africa and is retired. As Pyne instantly concludes, he is bored stiff living in an English village after a lifetime of excitement and adventure.

Pyne charges him fifty pounds and instructs him to take Madeleine de Sara to lunch. She returns a few hours later unsuccessful: Pyne consults a list and decides that Freda Clegg will be suitable He fights them off and takes the young lady for a coffee to help her get over her attack.

She tells her story: The previous week she received a visit from an Australian lawyer who told her she might come into a legacy from business transacted by her late father but that it was dependent upon her having some papers of his. Freda remembers that she thought her room had been searched when she was out and that this attack was possibly to take such papers by force from Freda if she had them on her person, or to force her to tell where they are.


They go to her room in lodgings in Notting Hill and in a slit in the lining of her father’s old chest find a document which the Major recognises as being written in Swahili. The Major can understand the writing and realises that it refers to a hidden cache of expensive ivory. The Major asks if he can keep the document for the moment and will call on her tomorrow at half-past-six when he has thought of a plan of action. As promised, he returns the next night but finds a note from Freda asking him to join her at “Whitefriars.

Entering the empty house, he is soon knocked on the head and regains consciousness in the cellar. Freda is also there and the two of them are bound. She tells him that she too received a letter, purportedly from the Major, asking her to go to “Whitefriars”.

Suddenly the voice of the lawyer booms in the darkness. The two of them have interfered in his plans and he must dispose of them. A trickle of water starts to pour from a hole in the wall into the room and Freda realises that they are meant to drown. She remains somewhat calm while the Major strains successfully at his bonds. He frees himself, then her and they flee the house.

Freda is full of admiration for Wilbraham and he impulsively proposes. She accepts and then worries about her father’s paper which is missing from his pocket. He tells her that what they took was a spoof copy and he posted her father’s paper on to his tailor in the envelope in Notting Hill. The Wilbrahams, happily married, are in Africa.

Without telling each other, both think they paid money to Pyne and he didn’t provide anything for them. Neither bears a grudge though — if they hadn’t gone to see Pyne, the train of events that led to them meeting would never have happened A young lady calls at Parker Pyne’s office. Her name is Mrs. John and she says she is in a great deal of trouble and needs help. She produces a diamond ring that Pyne examines and declares to be worth at least chrisie thousand pounds.

Daphne tells him that she stole it from a friend of hers because she was in desperate straits. The background is that her husband is careful with money and doesn’t know that she has got herself into debt.

Parker Pyne – Wikipedia

Daphne went with friends to Le Touquet and lost a great deal of money in the casino. Soon afterwards she went to stay in the country at the house of Sir Reuben Dortheimer whose wife, Naomi, was at school with Daphne.

During the visit the cjristie of the diamond ring became loose and Naomi asked Daphne to take it to Bond Street for her to be fixed.

Instead, Daphne had a paste copy made and pawned the real ring for money larker pay off her debts, the paste being sent to Lady Dortheimer. Soon after, she came into some money when a cousin died and has now reclaimed the real ring.

Parker Pyne

However she cannot return it as the husbands have quarrelled and the two couples are no longer on speaking terms. In addition, Naomi’s character wouldn’t allow forgiveness of such an act of theft if Daphne was to confess and she has heard news that Lady Dortheimer is thinking of having the stone reset. The jeweller she will send it to is bound to notice that it is a paste copy.

Asked for ideas, Daphne admits that she has heard that the Dortheimers are going to be having a party on the coming Wednesday and she needs some exhibition dancers. After she has left the office, Pyne calls in Claude Luttrell and Madeleine de Sara and tells them they are going to be famous dancers The party and the exhibition dance goes well.


Lady Naomi Dortheimer is very taken with Jules, the dancer in reality, Claude and they are on the dancefloor when the lights suddenly go out, as arranged by Madeleine out in the hall. In the darkness, Lady Naomi’s ring “slips” from her finger but is soon replaced by Claude. Daphne calls at Pyne’s office the next morning. He passes her his bill for expenses which she pays in cash and he gives her the ring.

He has had it examined and it is definitely a paste copy. Daphne seems a little put out at this and Pyne tells her that he knows that she is in reality Ernestine Richards who is the secretary of Lady Dortheimer. The ring she brought in the previous visit was the paste copy which Richards wanted Pyne and his people to substitute for the real thing, absolving her of any real crime. He does not charge her a fee as he has not made her happy as his advert had promised.

The angry young lady storms out of the office. Parker Pyne receives a new client. Reginald Wade is a slightly inarticulate young man whose marriage is in a mess. His wife of nine years has given him six-months’ notice that unless he changes his ways she wants a divorce. He leads a blameless life, playing golf and tennis whereas Mrs Wade likes the arts — galleries, operas and concerts. She is bored with her husband and she has become friends with a long-haired art lover called Sinclair Jordan.

Pyne’s solution to the problem is for Reggie to have a mild flirtation with a beautiful woman. This will make Iris Wade jealous and also make her think twice about Reggie’s attractiveness to women.

Although he admits that there is a possibility that Iris is so completely in love with Jordan that the plan will fail, Pyne thinks the scheme has a ninety-seven percent chance of success and he charges Wade two hundred guineaspayable in advance.

Reggie subsequently “invites” Madeleine de Sara down to his house for the weekend, with his wife’s agreement and to her amusement. She is pleased that her divorce will be simpler in that Reggie will not be so upset, but she is less pleased to see the attraction between the pair and the compliments that Miss de Sara bestows upon Reggie.

Madeleine makes small comments about his ability as a golf teacher and how not playing a sport makes one feel left out. She also compliments Iris on letting Reggie have such friendships when other jealous women wouldn’t. Little by little, Iris’ veneer of acceptance starts to slip away. Later that day Reggie and Madeleine take a walk in the rose garden and, seeing that Iris is watching them from the terrace, Madeleine makes Reggie kiss her.

Iris is livid and in a private row with Reggie threatens a separation. Madeleine tells him to suggest that he leaves as she won’t like the idea of him being alone in London, “amusing” himself.

Mr. Parker Pyne, Detective / Parker Pyne Investigates by Agatha Christie – FictionDB

A war of nerves breaks out between the couple, but Madeleine tells him to keep calm — at this rate, all will be well in less than a fortnight. A week later, Madeleine returns to Pyne’s office and reports on the case.

Matters reached a head when Investigatee Jordan joined the house party. He fell for Madeleine, but she made outrageous fun of him and his appearance. Iris demanded that Reggie throw her out, but he told his wife he wanted to marry Madeleine as per her instructions to investigages.

Iris has staged a collapse, but Agagha has nevertheless gone to town and Madeleine is sure that Iris is following him to effect a reconciliation on his terms. Suddenly the office door bursts open and Reggie runs in, proclaiming his genuine love for Madeleine.