ADDC SYSTEM SAFETY RULES This Document is the property of ADDC, and cannot be used nor given to outside party . regulatory Audits. Wiring Regulations issued by the old Water and Electricity incorporated in Revision 1 of the Regulations, effective 1 January This edition supersedes the REGULATIONS FOR ELECTRICAL INSTALLATIONS – EDITION. The Revised Edition incorporates the amendments and.

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Electricity Wiring Regulation Course – E1 Final

Requirements for Electrical Contractors License: The purpose of these Regulations is to establish standards and principles that promote the design, construction and operation of safe and efficient systems of wiring in buildings and other premises. The Bureau has regukations a new requirement for all licensed companies to register a qualified engineer as representative and signature authority for their company.


This requirement takes effect from 1 September and company licenses will not be renewed after this date without a registered engineer.

Abu Dhabi Polymers Company…. Abu Dhabi Company for….

Abu Dhabi Chamber of…. Abu Dhabi Food Control…. Abu Dhabi Gas Industries…. Abu Dhabi Gas Liquefaction…. Abu Dhabi Health Services….

Abu Dhabi Marine Operating…. Abu Dhabi National Exhibitions…. Abu Dhabi National Oil….

Abu Dhabi Sewerage Services…. Abu Dhabi City Municipality. Dubai Natural Gas Company…. Saudi Arabia Basic Industries….

The Electricity Wiring Regulations (Third Edition)

Power and Water Utility…. Saudi Arabian Oil Company…. Saudi Aramco Mobil Refinery….

Oman Oil Marketing Company. Kuwait Gulf Oil Company…. Kuwait Oil Tanker Company….

The Electricity Wiring Regulations (Third Edition)

Saudi Aramco Shell Refinery…. Oman Oil Company S. National Bank of Abu…. Abu Dhabi Airports Company…. Abu Dhabi Oil Refining….

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