I’ve checked everywhere and it is either impossible to find or ridiculously expensive. I found a book store whose website said they had it for. unofficial commentary upon A Field Guide to Otherkin, a book written by Lupa and published in by a small press.1 Think of this marginalia. The Otherkin community is a small but growing subculture of people who identify in some way – spiritually, metaphorically – as something Other than human.

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A reddit community for, well, otherkin. Hopefully this can become a little place for otherkin to discuss our beliefs and lives in a civil manner. This is a place of kindness and understanding. Regardless of what somebody claims to be.


If you are new, post in the Roll Call sticky, it helps me keep track of everybody. Any sort of questions or links related to Otherkin are welcome here 4. Hugbox rules are enforced, intellectual debates are encouraged, but blatant unkindness will not be tolerated. Unless you are a member of this community, please refrain from voting.


Anyone know where I can find a copy of Lupa’s “A Field Guide to Otherkin”? : TrueOtherkin

We are not going to Thought-Police you, but we would like to prevent vote brigades. I’ve checked everywhere and it is either impossible to find or ridiculously expensive. On a humorous note, this happened when I tried to submit this. Unfortunately, Lupa deliberately took it out of printso unless someone’s passing bootleg PDFs around, the aftermarket is what it is.

A Field Guide to Otherkin by Lupa

The linked post is a respectful discussion of the decision and does have a few suggestions and further resources for those identifying as ‘kin. Whoa I can’t believe it’s going for so much money!

I had two copies but one of them went to Goodwill last year: Lost out in some nice money apparently boo. Use of this site constitutes acceptance of our User Agreement and Privacy Policy.

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