Data sheet acquired from Harris Semiconductor. SCHSD – Revised September The CDB, CDB, and CDB types are supplied in . HEFBP datasheet, HEFBP pdf, HEFBP data sheet, datasheet, data sheet, pdf, NXP Semiconductors, Quad 2-input NAND gate. DATA SHEET. Product specification. File under Integrated Circuits, IC January INTEGRATED CIRCUITS. HEFB gates. Quadruple 2-input NAND.

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Results 41 to 59 of Need help about 38khz Oscillator this datqsheet was taken from two different Osc. Need help about 38khz Oscillator. Originally Posted by waldopulanco. Need help about 38khz Oscillator The levels shouldn’t be different though.

I suspect some cross-talk between the 38KHz and the output circuits.

Mind you, with no filtering that might be expected. It’s better to 4011hp your questions and answers on Edaboard so we can all datashert from each others experiences. Need help with 38khz Oscillator What is your simulator? Need help with 38khz 401bp Thanks for the compliment! I do not use a simulator except for some digital designs. To be honest, I see them used badly so many times that I have lost confidence in them. I don’t mean that to be disrespectful to the software developers, it’s just that I see some datassheet designs that have been put through a simulator then values adjusted until it ‘kind of works’ when the underlying problem isn’t the values, it’s the concept.

What I meant by the levels not being different is that the 38KHz is a logic level signal, essentially 0V and supply line levels, it is there only to open and close the analog switches inside the It should work equally well whatever the circuit generating the switching signal is, as long as it meets logic levels and has the correct timing.

From the stereo encoder point of view, it should make no difference whether it comes from a based oscllator or a based one. What your circuit lacks is filtering on the audio output and on the 19KHz pilot tone.


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The audio will have some residual high frequencies in it, they are caused by lower frequencies being ‘chopped up’ by the 38KHz and therefore having sharper edges that they should. The pilot tone is a square wave and that means lots of harmonics.

In a better circuit, you would add a low-pass filter in the audio output from theset to roll off at say 16KHz so it doesn’t have much effect on the higher notes in the audio, and, a bandpass or tuned 411bp in the 19KHz path to remove it’s harmonics. Need help with 38khz Oscillator thanks!!

Dagasheet am not try to design a filter in khz range using LC because i dont know how to make a coil in range of mH i am not familiar to ferrite.

Need help with 38khz Oscillator An opamp or two and some Ddatasheet filters can make a sharp lowpass or notch filter. Need help with 38khz Oscillator The principles at MHz and audio are exactly the same but the components tend to be bigger!

I would follow Audioguru’s advice, the filters do not need sharp roll-off because 38KHz is well away from audio frequencies and the first harmonic of the pilot is also well away from 19KHZ. I would suggest you use a quad amplifier TL, LM or similarusing one amp for the audio filter, one for the pilot filter and one as a summing amplifer at the output. If you want to use the remaining amp in the package you could improve the audio filtering but it probably isn’t going to make any audible difference.

If you search for op-amp LPF it should turn up hundreds of designs, look for the audio filter being flat to about 16KHz and the pilot flat to about 25KHz.

Need help with 38khz Oscillator what value of RC filter in 19khz and the value of rc filter in 38khz? Need help with 38khz Oscillator The pilot tone level might be a little too high but that will be ignored by most receivers so dafasheet shouldn’t be a problem.


Yes, BP will work fine, just connect the two inputs together and it will make an inverter. Need help with 38khz Oscillator Oops! Need help with 38khz Oscillator. Originally Posted by betwixt. Need help with 38khz Oscillator Yes, never 4011bp CMOS inputs disconnected, they will ‘float’ and either pick up signals from other gates in the same package or in some cases thay can let the gate output go into a middle state where both high and low drivers are on at the same dtaasheet.

This usually results in destruction of the gate! Need help with 38khz Oscillator can i ask? Dtaasheet work with coated overhead transparency film after complete drying. Not so well with transparent paper.

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